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Droprate Tracker

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The Droprate Tracker is a tool allowing you to keep track of a droprate such as your Black Knight Halberd droprate. It can manage multiple profiles, supports global hotkeys and create a text file next to the application that you can add into your streaming software. Developed by CapitaineToinon.

Droprate Tracker picture 2.png


  • The total droprate is saved by the application and will be restored next time you start the application. The droprate of the day resets every time the application is closed.
  • The edit output format button allow you to change how the droprate will be displayed in the output text file.
  • The profiles tab allow you to create multiple profiles to keep track of multiple droprates.
  • The hotkeys tab allow you to set global hotkeys and disable them when Dark Souls doesn't has focus.
  • The settings tabs allow you to manually set your droprate and droprate of the day. You can also reset all your settings. That includes deleting all profiles and droprate and resetting global hotkeys.
  • The help tab has a link to CapitaineToinon's twitter and to this page.


Droprate Tracker